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Hi, this is What a Pickle!


What a Pickle! is a storytelling game you play with your friends on your phones. It’s all about taking pictures of everyday objects to solve weird problems in creative ways.

This game has won the Game Chef Brasil 2016 challenge under the name Focus, and was modified into this version.

Playing the game

Ok, so here it is, buckle up with 1 to 5 friends, hop into a Discord server and tell a story about a group of people running to solve problems. Each turn, someone will draw a Situation Card, which is a problem they will have to solve. To solve it, they will have to look around, find an object that, with some magical spark of creativity, could solve that problem. Snap a picture of it, send it to the group and bam, that's your solution.

In What a Pickle, a simple pen can be a super-screwdriver to fix the ship's main reactor, or your brother can be the firefighter who will put out the fire. Imagination is the limit.

This version of What a Pickle comes with a Setting: Break a Leg, in which you and your friends are producers of an indie play, just one hour before the show starts! 

More on the way

There are two other Settings currently developed, which will be freely available here: Star Laser and The Tower of the Evil Wizard.

Get it!

If you think this game is cool as hell and think it deserves the price of at least $1, thank you! If you still think the game is cool as hell but can't afford this price, grab a community copy and have fun!

By downloading the game, you get: 

  •  What a Pickle booklet with all the rules and the Break a Leg setting (EN and PT-BR);
  • A printable file with the Situation Cards for the Break a Leg setting (EN and PT-BR).


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WhataPickle-Booklet-EN.pdf 3 MB
BaL-cards-EN 1 MB
WhataPickle-livreto-PTBR.pdf 3 MB
BaL-Cartas-PTBR 1 MB

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Community Copy - Cópia da comunidade

If you want to play the game and can't afford it right now, no problemo! Just grab this community copy and have a lot of fun. Don't forget to rate the game and leave a comment about the craziest solve you had!

Oi, se você quer jogar mas não tem como comprar o jogo nesse momento, sem problemas! Pegue uma cópia da comunidade e se divirta! Não esquece de avaliar o jogo e deixar um comentário sobre o problema mais louco que você resolveu.

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